AFN FAN No.0147: Is the lamp really out?

◆ AFN Listening Answer - Pacific Radio Report, 01/06/2005 ◆

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■ 英語でキャリアアップを目指す方必見『The Japan Times』

ジャパンタイムズのClassified Adsには外資系を中心に国内外の優良企業の求人広告を多数掲載しています。

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AFN で時事ニュースを聴きながら、Japan Times などの英字新聞を読むというのは実践的な英語勉強法ですね。しかも、英語を生かしたキャリアアップの情報も得られるので、一石二鳥 - Killing two birds with one stone. かも。



■ Listening Comprehension Answer(リスニング回答)


◆ 1. Topic #1 (0'00" 〜 0'54") ◆ ★★〜★★★ ------------

This is Pacific Radio Report. I'm army sergeant Vanessa Dempsey.

A host of navy and marine units is joining the massive international
tsunami relief operation in south Asia.

Petty officer Brooke Armato tells us how they are helping the victims.

As of Monday, 12 navy ships and a coast guard cutter were in the
region supporting disaster

relief operations and shipping-in much needed food
and medical supplies.

Those ships also have water purification machines that can produce
one-hundred-thousand gallons of fresh water a day.

In Thailand, navy P-3 Orion aircraft from Okinawa are flying search
and rescue operations.

Navy doctors and medical personnel from Hawaii are also on the way.
They'll help treat victims and help in the effort to prevent the
outbreak of diseases.

Also from Hawaii, about a hundred aviation Marines and sailors and
six Marine C-H-53 helicopters are headed to the region.

Petty officer Brooke Armato at the Naval Media Center, Washington.

◆ 2. Topic #2 (0'54" 〜 2'00") ★★★ --------------

Flu season is here, but some airmen still need their shots.

Air Force Sergeant D.L. Spence says more than 1,000 airmen in Osan,
Korea, are required to get their flu shots and the 51st medical group
is there to help.

Millions of people each year are affected by influenza, which can
hospitalize and even kill.

The military mission can not afford to lose anyone to the flu virus.

That's why Osan's immunizations clinic has shots from Monday to Friday
on a walk-in basis. A weekly report tells commanders which troop still
needs shots so no one will be missed.

Primary Care flight commander, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Portis, says
taking a small step like this can prevent big problems down the road.

"The biggest thing is that we are really interested in prevention.
If we had a massive epidemic of influenza or flu, it will literally
overwhelm our medical community."

Other ways to avoid flu include getting plenty of rest, drinking
plenty of fluids, and taking medication to relieve symptoms.

From Osan Air Base, I'm Air Force Sergeant D.L. Spence, AFN News.

And that's your Pacific Radio Report, I'm Army Sgt. Vanessa Dempsey.


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ポチ:(蛍光灯の輪を振る)「ん? なんか音がするぞ。やっぱり不良品?」



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