AFN FAN No.178 (付録:聴き取りのおまけ)

メルマガでは、Eagle 810 ニュースの最初のトピック(45秒、Internet scam に関する話題)のみ配信しています。

メルマガに書いた通り、こちらのエントリーで当方が聴き取りを行った残りふたつ、NOKRサイトによる行方不明者・死者の探索の話題(0'47"〜2'01")、mp3ファイル最後の Japan News Headline (マラッカ海峡の海賊関連の話題、3'36"〜4'30")の聴き取り英文を掲載します。

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The Internet is not all bad. It makes finding the one you love easier than ever. Air force Sergeant Bob Heron tells us how the Internet helps you find your loved ones.

[voice insert: Bob Heron]
Family members now have the new high-speed international way to locate loved ones in the event of a disaster.

With the Next Of Kin Registry, or NOKR, you can locate missing, injured, or deceased family members, and it's free to you, local or state agencies who use the service.

You can register with the NOKR and receive either a decal for your driver license or identification card, or an official registration card that indicates you or your family member is registered.

When the tsunami that devastated the south-east Asia region in December 2004 hit, the NOKR helped to locate many of the victims by working with local and international authorities.

The NOKR is a non-profit organization and is looking to raise five million dollars for supplies and equipment. NOKR will help individuals who arrive in the emergency room and are unable to provide contact information. And according to the US Center for Disease Control, that number reached nine hundred thousand in 2003.

You can check out the NOKR website by typing in "Next of Kin Registry" in any Internet search engine. For Eagle 810 News, I'm Airforce Sergeant Bob Heron.

Some news making headlines in Japan.
Yes, pirates still roam the local waters.
According to Asahi Shimbun, the Japanese government is sending patrol vessels to Indonesia to help guard against pirates in the Malacca Strait which has been long plagued by ravaging pirates.

Officials say engineers may craft two or three unarmed, mid-sized patrol boats by fiscal year 2006. Each boat costs seven hundred million yen, including transport fees. And the cost is included in the official assistance budget. This is the first time the Japanese government is offering vessels to a developing country to help protect against pirates.

One Japan Coast Guard official says the boats are ideal for handling pirates in a straight, where there are many islands which are perfect for pirates.

And that's your Eagle 810 News. I'm Army Sergeant Vanessa Dempsey.

今日の Eagle 810 Morning Show、先日も伝えたとおり、 Rhonda Davis 女史はお休みで、 Air Force Sergeant Bob Heron 氏が担当しています。

もちろん、Hisano Yamazaki さんも9時過ぎからゲストで登場しています。(春分の日、 Spring Equinox Day のはなしなど、していますね。)

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